Bridging the gaps

SBAKL is a revolutionary platform that works within your workflow to record and process your documentation. Automating verification, eliminating errors, and accelerating turn around time. With seamless integration into most other systems.



Available on the iOS and Google Play as well as the web so that you can get the job any place anytime.

Offline Compatible

Don't let lack of internet connectivity slow you down. All data is recorded even without internet connectivity.

HIPPA and EVV Compliant

We keep up to date with the laws and regulations and are HIPPA and EVV compliant.

Custom Branding

Customize your apps branding to match your company from our interactive dashboard.

Access Controls

Give different employees different levels of access. Provide restricted access to clients.

Automated session verification

Set rules to automatically approve employee sessions to instantly submit for payment.

Custom Reporting

Don't wait until the auditors show up to gather your data. Keep all your data organized, reports can be generated with a click.

Employee Time Tracking

Track employees time and location without adding any additional steps to your employees.

Data Driven Form Building

Dynamically generated forms based on data imported into the platform.

Automated Import/Export

Automatically sync data with your EHR, EMR, payroll, or other systems.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated staff is always standing by to help.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

Lightning fast and reliable, we use cutting edge technology for the best possible user experience.

Emergency Shutoff Switch

Remote access controls and update apps from your dashboard.

Geo Tagging

Record and track the location of actions and employee whereabouts.


Security is our number one priority. You will have full control over your data.

Much More

New features are added every day. Have a specific request or feature not listed? Drop us a line and let us know.